10 grappige fruit en groenten weetjes om van te smullen.

10 funny fruit and vegetable facts to enjoy.

Tilly Wortel, our carrot smartass, collected the nicest, weirdest, coolest, most incredible fruit and vegetable facts for you. Curious?

1. Broccoli as a toothbrush

    In addition to crazy green trees, the broccoli florets are also like little brushes. When you eat a raw broccoli florets, you brush away the bacteria that cause dental plaque. The coolest toothbrush ever! Hip phoi for broccoli. Nice tip for a class activity.

    Broccoli toothbrush

    2. Happy bananas

    Bananas contain tryptophan substances. They promote the production of the happiness hormone serotonin (what a tongue twister) and even have a calming effect. Bananas are therefore real happy makers.

    3. Blowing away peas world record

    When you eat peas, you sometimes discover peas in the house for days, but did you know that there are even people who deliberately blow peas away? Mr André Ortolf from Germany blew a pea as far as 7.51 meters and set the world record in 2014. Would you also like to try? Maybe best outside then. We are not responsible for peas nuisance in the house.

    4. Cucumber eraser

    Did you know that cucumber peel can act as an ink-removing eraser? Cucumber skin has a waxy feel and it is that wax that causes the eraser effect. The wax is sometimes applied to better preserve the cucumber during transport.

    5. The strawberry with seed(s) that pretends

    The seeds of berries are normally on the inside, but with a strawberry they are on the outside. By the way, did you know that those seeds are the fruit or the fruit of the strawberry plant? The strawberry is the bearer of the fruit. That's why they call the strawberry a false fruit. That strawberry is good for us!


    6. Are you angry? Pick a raspberry.

    The raspberry is related to the rose. You can tell by the thorns of the raspberry bush. Maybe give a bouquet of raspberries as a gift?


    7. Astronaut chips

    The potato was the first vegetable grown in space. The astronauts could eat chips during long space travels. Whether they were fried or mashed is unknown.

    astronaut fries

    8. Mentos Cucumber

    Do you have bad smelling breath? Then suck on a slice of cucumber for 20-30 seconds and you're completely kiss-proof again. The substances in cucumber kill the bacteria in your mouth. It is those bacteria that cause bad breath.

    cucumber mentos

    9. Cranberry Jump Ball

    When a cranberry is perfectly ripe, it springs back when you throw it on the floor. So try it out! Perhaps do it on a washable surface as a precaution.


    10. Floating Apples

    Did you know that apples float in water because they consist of 25% air? That's why the game apple bites works so well, where you have to bite an apple out of water with your mouth without hands.

    floating apples

    Incredible isn't it?! Fruits and vegetables are a miracle!

    Greetings Tilly Carrot

    Tilly Carrot

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