Reading tour

As a reading fanatic, I like to pass on my enthusiasm.
The fact that I can do that with my own books is of course extra fun!
I come with my large story boards and happily tell about the fruity adventures of our angry raspberry, adventurous peas or bouncing blueberries. We have fun together and after the reading moment I really like to make time for a chat or signing question.

All children always get a fruity tattoo from me.
Everyone very happy.
Maybe see you soon? Check out the upcoming sessions below.
Fruity vegetables Bieke

Reading Bieke Biesbrouck

  • Sunday May 19, 2024 Kabine Oostende
    • WHAT : Discover our book 'The Best' + craft a 'Best yourself' medal
    • WHERE : Kabine , Fortstraat 16, 8400 Ostend
    • WHEN : 2 p.m
    • SIGNING : You can buy books there and have them signed. I provide a nice extra for every child!
    • REGISTRATION : Admission is free but registration is required. Registration link will follow.
  • Tuesday June 18, 2024 Viking School Roeselare
    not public
    Would you also like a reading session in your school, bookstore or shop?
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