10 mopjes waar Lola Banaan zich krom om lacht

10 jokes that Lola Banaan laughs at

What's more fun than corny jokes? Silly jokes about fruit & vegetables of course! Get ready to laugh like a banana...

One guy says to the other: 'I farted!'
Says the other:
'I CRACK it!'

What do you call a fruit that ruins every party?
- 'A sourpuss'

What happens if a cherry falls on his head?
-Then he gets a 'cherry shake'.

It's green and it's naked?
- 'SpiNAKIE'

Why does an orange have an orange jacket?
-'The purple ones were sold out.'

It's white and exploded?
-'A cabbage.'
It's green and sliding down the mountain?
- 'Slawine'
What do you call two tomatoes that hug way too hard?
What do you call purple pants?
-'Auber jeans'
Which vegetable likes to score?
- 'A pointed cabbage'
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