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According to the Sunday newspaper:

According to Ruth from @kiekeboeken

Raspberry from @hongryofficial
Tells the story of grumbling Robby Raspberry and his friends who all try to cheer him up.
We were already fans of these friends and this book is another gem! Very nice to see how each fruit/vegetable has its own trick to cheer Robby up, and how Robby keeps grumbling. Ons Tille is a big fan of Freddie Broccoli's song, which is sung here in every way. 🤩 The booklet can be "used" in many ways. It's a funny story: we laughed really hard at the word jokes, although I think our children will laugh even harder when they get a little older.

It is very recognizable: we regularly have such a grumbling, explosive creature in our house!
And the book also provides opportunities to chat together about being angry. "Do you sometimes explode?", "What helps when you are so angry?" ...

Photo credits: @kiekeboeken

According to Katlyne from @wij_lezen_wel with input from teacher Kim

You can immediately see it on the cover... This raspberry, named Robby, is not too pleased! 😤 Everything is going against him! His friends (can you recognize them by their outlines?) try to cheer him up. Can they do that? And is it actually necessary?

💕 This pink stunner is a story of Bieke and Mathieu, the names behind Ghent's Höngry. Höngry has a mission: “To make fruit and vegetables recognizable and enjoyable for children (and parents) by pulling them away from the dining table and going on an adventure with them.”

🥳 And Bieke and Mathieu do this by, among other things, coming up with fun stories in which illustrator Bram De Baere has given faces to the hilarious characters with 'verve'. So no more drama, raised noses, pouty lips, closed mouths!

🍎 Kim from Freinetschool De Boomgaard brought Robby Ramboos together with Freddie Broccoli, Lola Banaan, Teddy Tomaat, Gina Aubergine and many other fruit and vegetable fun into her classroom.

“The children's interest was immediately stimulated by the beautiful cover and the striking title. Even before I read the book, there were already some children who were curiously leafing through the book. I heard giggling and laughter. 😊

The book Framboos opened a discussion in the circle about anger. How do we deal with it? What can help us to calm down again?

Reading and writing go hand in hand, so we wrote down the 'Raspberry' within ourselves.

🤬 When I'm angry, I break things, bite my pillow and yell. I feel calm again when I listen to my music box and crawl into a corner. Then I write in the air what I don't like and then blow it away. - Yul, 2nd grade

🤬 When I'm angry I argue. I become calm again when I am comforted. -Igor 1st grade

💕 On the Höngry website you can get to know everyone from the Höngry gang better. Check out Peater, Peadro, Peasy & Pearl, aka the peas! How cute are they! You will also find coloring pages, facts and tips! Be sure to take a peek! It immediately makes you happy!

💕 A picture book for young tasters (2+) but certainly also for older children!

Photo credits @wij_lezen_wel

According to Ineke from @Wonderlandbyaliceblog

Have you ever had a grouchy day? One of those days where everything went wrong and nothing helped. Robby Framboos knows all about it. But how do you best approach this? Discover it in this banging, explosive read-aloud story.

Robby Framboos has been grumbling all morning. Nothing can cheer him up. His friends are a bit desperate. How can they drive away Robby's angry mood?

A striking pink-red cover conceals a beautiful picture book where fruit and vegetables teach children a lesson about dealing with big emotions. When you are angry, there is no point in resisting. Sometimes you just have to express an unpleasant feeling so that you can calmly come back to yourself afterwards. Show what you feel until you cool down.

HÖNGRY's cool characters appeal because of their recognizable emotions and preferences. They really come to life in the expressive, funny illustrations in bright colors. You won't be bored for a second in this fast-paced, easy-to-read story. So you see, fruit and vegetables don't just have to be tasty, they are also very sensitive (and funny).

HÖNGRY is a brand created by Mathieu & Bieke, who develop stories and products to introduce children to healthy fruit and vegetables in a positive, creative and imaginative way, far away from (discussions) at the kitchen table. Original, funny and cheerful!

Photo credits Maaike Debels

According to Elise from @kinderboekenhoekje

Robby Framboos has been grumbling all morning. His friends try to cheer him up, each in their own way. But Robby just wants time to calmly process his angry mood. ⁣

𝘔𝘦𝘯𝘪𝘯𝘨: This book will be very recognizable for anyone who has young children at home or at work! Robby Framboos has not slept well and gets angry about small things, such as the wrong color cup (Because yes... why would you drink from a yellow cup, while you can also drink from a red one?! 😜) ⁣
The story is simply constructed and revolves around the emotion 'angry' in an appealing and recognizable way. Robby's dear friends also provide a cheerful and funny contribution to the story. ⁣
The emotions of the fruit and vegetable characters are perfectly described and shown both in the text and in the colorful full-page illustrations. Because of all these emotions, you can also use the book to familiarize your toddler or preschooler with the different emotions. ⁣
𝘍𝘶𝘯 𝘧𝘢𝘤𝘵: At the back of the book there are some tips from Robby Framboos about ways you can use to process and get rid of your anger. As far as I'm concerned, these tips could have been a little clearer, but if you discuss it with each other you will work it out together!

Completely sold and would you like to become rasp happy with our raspberry?

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