What is HONGRY?

We are HÖNGRY, a brand created by Bieke & Mathieu, parents who do not understand why fruit and vegetables are usually forgotten by children.

Their beautiful colors, interesting shapes and super powers are amazing...

And yet people often pout at the kitchen table...

Eating time is the moment where every child demonstrates his independence and parents are focused on ensuring their child eats a healthy diet.

It is in this atmosphere of 'having to' that children form an attitude and relationship with fruit and vegetables.

Mathieu and Bieke realized that 'the solution' does not always have to be found at the table .

Awareness, recognition and positive connection start much earlier, away from the moment of eating.

While reading aloud or cooking , they turned carrots into spring roots , bananas became jokers and broccoli became a wild, head-banging musician. They talked about the typical fruit or vegetable characteristics, but in a child-sized format and full of imagination.

Their 2-year-old toddler and 4-year-old toddler thought this was hilarious and hung on their every word. Suddenly they asked for a banana themselves and spontaneously made funny faces.

Based on this philosophy, they decided to set up their own publishing house and, under the HÖNGRY brand, to develop stories and products that inspire children (and adults) in an imaginative way around fruit and vegetables, away from the dining table.

Picky eaters at home? Or just a fan of children's-sized fruit and vegetables?